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Panda Cloud Office Protection

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Cloud service for PCs, laptops and file servers:
The light, safe, simple and complete solution

Panda Cloud Office Protection AdvancedQuote

The only cloud-based cross-platform security solution with support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Anti-malware protection connected to Collective Intelligence in real time. Unmatched defense against threats and exploits designed to take advantage of unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities

Personal firewall (centrally or locally managed)

No upfront investment, no maintenance

Immediate startup

Resource friendly

Central Web-based security management of your Windows, Mac OS X and Linux devices, even in remote offices

Technical Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Proactive antimalware protection for PCs, laptops and file servers connected to Collective Intelligence in real time
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and virtual systems
  • Personal firewall (centrally or locally managed).
  • Technologies to detect malware that exploits unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities
  • Centralized device control
  • Integrates with the most widely used remote control tools
  • Central Web-based integrated administration console for every Windows, Mac OS X and Linux endpoint on your network. Accessible from anywhere, 24/7.
  • In-depth malware audits and information about the protection status on the network
  • Flexible installation, automatic and/or remote using the distributed installer:
    • Remotely through emails with download URLs
    • Locally, by downloading the installer from the console
    • Using MSI installer for distributing the protection through login-scripts, Active Directory, Tivoli, SMS or Lan Desk
  • P2P automated and transparent updates
  • Central managed profile-based protection for all PCs, laptops and fileservers
  • Malware Freezer sends all malware elements to the quarantine for seven days so administrators can respond to false positive cases
  • Users with different policies or protection profiles (total control, administrator...)
  • Centralized management of the quarantine from the Web console
  • Detailed, summarized and executive reports with protection status and detection activity include device control information and graphs
  • Exportable reports to text files, PDF, XML, HTML, or Excel formats
  • Flexible alerts means you receive the notifications you want and when you want them

Centralized Device Control