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“The 20,000 hour expected life of the EcoLite XJ-V1 is 4 to 6 times longer than the life of a traditional projector lamp. That means significant savings over the life of the projector by avoiding the cost of replacement lamps and maintenance.”

“Casio’s EcoLite XJ-V1’s features/capabilities simply cannot be matched by traditional lamp-based projectors; This will surely be one of the main reasons this model will be attractive to many education and business customers.”

“For schools or businesses, where low maintenance and operating costs are significant concerns, the EcoLite XJ-V1 may be just what you are looking for.”

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Outstanding cost performance

Total cost of ownership (TCO) includes not only the projector's purchase price but also all the expenses incurred during its lifetime of operation. CASIO's original SSI* light source with its extremely long lifetime of 20,000 hours and low power consumption realizes exceptional cost performance compared with conventional mercury lamp projectors through savings on expenditures for lamp replacement and the associated labor and lost operating time as well as for electric power.

*SSI (solid state illumination) light sources employ LEDs, lasers or other such lighting technologies.

Mercury Free


CASIO projectors are equipped with an SSI* light source employing the mostadvanced light source technology. Although the use of mercury is widely prohibited worldwide today, this hazardous substance continues to be employed as a light source for conventional projector lamps. CASIO has eliminated the use of mercury from its products in consideration of the environment. Adoption of an SSI light source, combined with CASIO's original energy-saving design, also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

*SSI (solid state illumination) light sources employ LEDs, lasers or other such lighting technologies.

Time Saving

Quick startup and Quick restart

CASIO projectors achieve a startup speed far exceeding that of conventional mercury lamp projectors. Free from the conventional projector's need for both warm-up and cool-down time, moreover, they also achieve a fast, convenient restart after use.

Commitment to usability

Stylish compact design

The structure with its square form and flowing curves exemplifies contemporary design excellence. The compact projector body assures easy portability for every user.

Incredibly affordable price

The XJ-V1 saves on lamp andfilter replacement costs and power consumption. It also has an incredibly affordable purchase price close to that of mercury lamp projectors. The XJ-V1 provides the best TCO performance in the industry.

*ECO mode “ECO1” selected

Easy replacement

For 80-inch projection, the XJ-V1 can project from a distance of 243 cm to 270 cm. It is easy to install on the ceiling*, which saves money at the time of projector replacement.

*Using a generic universal ceiling mount bracket

Dust resistance

The XJ-V1's cabinet has a unique structure with three separate blocks, and the primary light source unit is tightly shielded. This suppresses dust intrusion and improves dust resistance, ensuring worry-free performance even in dusty environments.*

*Using a generic universal ceiling mount bracket


  • Control terminal (RS-232C)
  • Computer terminal
  • HDMI terminall
  • Audio output terminal
  • Audio input terminal

Manufactured in Japan